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©︎ 2021-2023 Scrumy Inc. All Rights Reserved




©︎ 2021-2023 Scrumy Inc. All Rights Reserved


We are looking for partners to take part

in the world's best ESG network

Be Smart, 

Be Sustainable.

“Smart” does not only refer to being stylish or cool.It is the cycle of thinking and putting into action from a more objective point of view.“Sustainable” is not only limited to the environment and economy. It refers to maintaining “smart” and moving towards a future we strive for on a macro level. We are constantly asking ourselves, “are we being smart” and “are we being sustainable”.


Our team of lawyers, CPA's, tax accountants, physicians, securities analysts, sustainable scholars, and more, provides a data-driven information infrastructure based on the scientific method.

At Scrumy, every one of us is a leader and initiator, and takes pride in holding responsibility. With this, we are challenging the large field of international financial markets.

How can we overcome the social issues Japan and the world is facing? Keep asking, keep thinking, keep conveying, and keep moving. A "true philosophical ability" to thrive in any situation, especially when facing social issues, can be squired at our company.

We look forward to working with those who emphasize with our philosophy, those who want to work in our diverse team, and lastly, those eager to learn and develop.

Scrumy Inc. Chief Executive OfficerKento SASANO