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©︎ 2021-2023 Scrumy Inc. All Rights Reserved




©︎ 2021-2023 Scrumy Inc. All Rights Reserved

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In this era of competition and co-creationWe will become the building bridgeFor the financial and capital marketWith sustainability finance

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We continue to develop new management strategies with sustainability as the core concept. As sustainability scholars and experts in our respective fields, we provide support for sustainability transformation (SX) tailored to your company, based on the latest research and international SASB/ISSB standards.

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Beecon allows for institutional investors and sustainability representatives to collect, view, analyze, and compare company reports on one screen. In the future, creating sustainability and integrated reports or managing certifications can also be conducted. We aim to create a platform between institutional investors and companies.

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Providing Sustainable Capitalism
from Japan to the World

Scrumy aims to realize a society where the "pursuit of profit" and the "pursuit of happiness" can both be achieved.

Our mission is to create an "API integration" between a "capitalist economic system" and a “democratic political system” as the world's best zebra company, with "sustainability" in mind.

Our experienced team of lawyers, accountants, industrial physicians, securities analysts, and sustainability scholars, will provide a data-driven information infrastructure based on the scientific method.

Scrumy Inc. Chairman and Representative DirectorKento SASANO


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