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©︎ 2021-2023 Scrumy Inc. All Rights Reserved




©︎ 2021-2023 Scrumy Inc. All Rights Reserved

Building a New Culturein International Marketswith Sustainable Finance

To revolutionize the field of business strategy with “Sustainability”,we are developing services in addition to working on the construction of legal policiesTo revolutionize the fieldof business strategywith “Sustainability”,we are developing servicesin addition to working onthe construction of legal policies


We understand the difficulty of evaluating companies solely based on financial information in a rapidly changing economy. The importance of non-financial information is spreading among institutional investors, but appropriately handling this information is a challenging task for companies and investors.
As a group of experts in sustainable finance who recognizes this challenge, we act as a platform and educational source. Furthermore, in partnership with the government and international organizations, we actively propose policies which promote a sustainable economy and society.
Additionally, in order to facilitate the management of non-financial information, we are committed to the development and operation of “Beecon”, an innovative sustainability information platform that utilizes natural language processing technology. “Beecon” allows for both the sheer volume and qualitative features of non-financial information to be handled. Through these efforts, we strive to remove any barriers standing in the way for companies and investors to build a sustainable future.



Scrumy Inc. was founded by a group of professionals committed to the principles of sustainability and the reform of the capital market. We recognize that pursuing sustainable "happiness" is a long-term vision that extends beyond pursuing profits. Our belief is not to chase short-term success but rather to promote economic activity with sustainability as the core concept.
Sustainability is often associated with the environment or decarbonization, but in fact, it is a complex concept which includes politics, law, and economics. Understanding and tackling all of this is crucial.
With "Be Smart, Be Sustainable" as our management philosophy, we will pursue the foundational meanings of sustainability. This is not just a slogan but will become the new standard in the capital market for realizing a long-term sustainability. Moving forward, we promise to uphold this philosophy, and to create a change in the capital market through research and application.

Scrumy Inc.
1-22-11-2 Ginza Chuo-Ward, Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan
April 2021
(1) Consulting services for sustainable management
(2) Development and operation of AI technology for sustainability information disclosure, etc.
47,499,750 yen (capital reserve included)